Foods that improve Memory

Ever heard that green tea improves your memory? Scientists have managed to prove that some types of foods are indeed very helpful in improving our memory. Besides natural medicinal herbs such as ginseng or gingko biloba, fruits and vegetables too have memory improving purposes.

A main component in fruits and vegetables is sugar which is broken down in our body into glucose. Glucose is the main food for our brain as it is required by our brain to be able to function properly. As a result, if we increase our consumption of fruits and vegetables, we indirectly increase our amount of glucose in our body, this means an improvement in our brains functioning ability. Yet, like everything else requires balance, we need not consume excessive amounts of fruits and vegetables too. Excessive glucose levels are known to be damaging to the mind causing memory impairment. Nonetheless, some of the kinds of fruits and vegetables that can improve our memory are blueberries, watermelons, red cabbage and sweet potato.

Blueberries not only contain a high amount of sugar content as fruits, but also they carry on them antioxidants which slows the aging process of our brain. Oxidation causes aging and by ingesting these antioxidants we can ‘delay’ the aging process and fight the free radicals. These radicals are very much associated with some fatalistic diseases and some of them have direct relation with memory loss problems as well, like stroke.

Sardines which are rich in omega-3 fats are also great for improving memories. As some of the important parts in our brain are made up of fats, fish oil is also good to help improve our memory and our mental health. Fish oil can help prevent the start of Alzheimer’s disease and has long been connected with better memory and much clearer thinking. Fish oil not only affects your mental ability, but it also significantly improves the health of your heart too.

Another great food that helps improve your memory is soy! Tofu when eaten on a regular basis can help improve our memory and our brain functions. Given the variety of soy products we have on the market, it is almost impossible to find that you dislike them all. You can drink soy milk, eat soy beans, and season your food with soy sauce, and while doing all that, receive the benefits of having an improved memory!

You need not resort to medication to cure or prevent memory loss; you just have to know the right combinations of food, lifestyle and you can enjoy having a life with improved memory!

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