Improving Memory The Quick And Easy Way

Now there is plenty of reason to celebrate for those of you out there who have been suffering from a poor memory, regardless of your age. You do not have to be stuck in that situation where you are constantly suffering from poor memory relapse, where your social and professional life suffers because of your poor memory. Here are some quick and easy steps for you to improve your memory. Even if it is simple forgetfulness, where you have misplaced a household item or forgotten that bank account number that you have had for years, there are so many ways that can help you to overcome the problems of memory loss.

One of the ways that has been gaining quite a bit of popularity is the ;state of mind; syndrome, in which that therapist regress the mind from believing that their memory loss is attributed to some sort of mental disease that they have. Once you resign yourself to this fact, your mind will slip into a state of regressive acceptance and that will only compound your short term or long term memory loss troubles, so you need to use your own will power and make yourself remember sometimes.

Do not accept the fact that you are forgetful but constantly remind yourself that you need to be more sharp, more alert and thus remember the things you need to remember for your own good. Also, some people have found great success when they start making lists around their lives and associate these lists with thinking and memory. There is also much to be said for challenging yourself and playing games with your memory by trying to remember things on your list on a daily basis,

Once you are able to stimulate your mind on a daily basis to remember, the retaining power of the mind will be that much higher. Studies have also shown that imagery and association are some of the best ways for you to remember things. This has been proven quite extensively why kids and students who use ludicrous associations when trying to remember facts and figures from a textbook. By adding scenarios and sometimes by making their text into a song, they are able to better remember the things they should remember and thus pass their exams with flying colours.

Constantly stimulate your mind, that is the most important and look into the areas of your life that is slipping your brain into a level of complacency. For example, if your job is mundane and monotonous, bring along a crossword puzzle or even engage in some dialogue with your co workers on things that are separate from your job. Keep the mind active, and you will see a marked improvement on your memory.

These are just some of the ways you can improve your memory the quick and easy way, and as you can see, it is just a combination of self-determination and activity – the key ingredients anyone would need. If you’re dedicated enough and willing to put the effort, you can beat memory loss, and quite easily so.

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