Memory loss in Old Age

Sue woke up in horror to find a stranger sleeping next to her and shouted, “Who are you?!” Sue is a 77 year old grandmother who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease and the man next to her is her husband of 57 years, one who has loved her all his life and slept beside her ever since they were married.

Alzheimer’s disease, also known as senile dementia, is named after Alois Alzheimer (164-1915). People diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease often lose their memory overtime and it is the worse ever form of memory loss. People who are affected by it can remember things that happen decades ago but cannot remember what they just ate for lunch!

Famous individuals who are known to be suffering from Alzheimer’s include late US president Ronald Reagan. When the disease approaches its later stages, patients even become oblivious to whom their relatives of family are. This can cause them to drop into depression and requires a huge change on their family’s part to accommodate the sudden change in behavior and personality of the patient. Unfortunately, it has also been found out that Alzheimer’s disease is hereditary also.

Presently, there has yet to be a cure to be found for Alzheimer’s however all around the globe, pharmaceutical hospitals are all trying to formulate out the most effective medication to deal with this disease. However, with our present technology, they can only ensure that the medication is effective when used in the early stages of the disease.
As we grow old, memory loss is almost an integral part of our lives as it is normal for people to become forgetful as the grow older, however only a few are suffering from Alzheimer’s disease. Also, even though normal memory improving techniques like mind stimulating games have no known effect to Alzheimer’s. it has the best chance in staving off the disease before you crumble to it. Furthermore, the earlier you start such memory training, the higher your chances of maintaining your mental fitness. Even so, our brain cells are irreplaceable after they perish and thus with almost everyone born with the same number of brain cells, as we age, more of these cells die off as part of the growing process, thus our mental ability get weaker as we grow older.
Memory loss and aging are very much linked together with each other as memory loss will catch up with us once we reach a certain age.

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