How to Get a Photographic Memory Fast

The adage that knowledge is power rings true ever more. Companies are looking for people who are intelligent, and able to apply this intelligence to their work. Having a photographic memory comes into play here, as the advantages of being able to recall every minute detail as if you had the object right in front of your eyes is a skill that cannot be more strongly emphasized.

This is an extremely useful tool to have, and one that is not quite that easy to pick up. If it was, everyone would have it, and where is the advantage in that? However, you too can start on the path to acquire a photographic memory with these 2 simple methods, also known as the visualization and association method. Once you have mastered this, you will find a significant improvement in your memory, and you will be halfway there on getting a photographic memory!

Method 1: Associate hard words with easy ones

Ever had a list of foreign mambo jumbo staring up at you from a piece of paper? Worried about forgetting the jargon that could make or break a meeting or a presentation for the big boss? This method will ensure that you will never again have problems in keeping those tough words rolling off the tip of your tongue, making you appear to be the expert on the topic. All this involves is breaking the word down into similar sounding words that you use in everyday life. For example, the word eschew can be broken down into similar sounding words of “a shoe”!

Method 2: Associating hard words with Images

This method can be used in addition to, or as a standalone from method 1. All it requires is an imagination, and the ability to assign a picture to a word. Using the earlier example of eschew, you could imagine yourself ducking to avoid a shoe being thrown. This will help you to remember both the word, eschew, and its meaning.

Often times, there is a very simple explanation for our lack of ability in recalling information – we never learnt it in the first place. Sure, we’ve heard it said once, or seen it on paper, but it did not register into our long term memory. By using these 2 methods, you will be able to impress the information into your mind and you will not have any trouble in recalling the words or information that you need to anymore!

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