Easy ways to develop a Photographic Memory

Always forgetting things that you need to remember, or maybe you are in awe of your colleague’s ability to remember so many things from a staff meeting without writing any notes? If you were wish how you can be like that colleague, wait no longer, there are certain steps you can take that would help you develop that wonderful photographic memory that you have always wanted. Now, you do not just have to be in awe of people having photographic memory, but can experience yourself the wonderful benefits it brings! Upgrade yourself and you mind today with the following steps and your life would be tremendously changed.

1) Have a good learning spot

If you are distracted most of the time while learning, it basically means you are not learning anything at all. Concentration is very important when you want information to be deeply embedded into your long term memory. You have to find a place where you can focus properly, without much distraction to allow the information to be kept into your long term memory. If you find yourself unable to focus in places where there are a lot of people, then find a quiet spot to work, that helps you to be concentrated on what you are doing and what you want to accomplish.
Be able to discern what is important from what is not. Information is all around us, be it yesterday’s dinner conversation or the news today. It is experienced via sight and sound, and you are exposed to it every minute. It is easy to get carried away, what is often referred to as information overload. The ability to acquire knowledge, discern what is relevant to you, and keep that information is the key to success! Create an event tree, and make sure you focus on what knowledge you require. This will save you from being distracted due to curiosity and keep you focused on the topic at hand.
2) Discernment
Excessive information has caused our minds to have an information overload and unable to process at its optimum level. In our modern society, we have information bombarded to us from all directions and it is not up to our mind’s ability to sieve out what is important from what is not. That job has to be left to us to control the amount of information we take in by remembering specifically those that are of higher importance and purpose. Take for example; which date your mother’s birthday is on would surely be more important than the date for your next shopping outing with you friends. It is important for us to discern what is important from what is not, this way our mind can focus on the more essential information rather than all the junk information we receive daily.
3) Keep your mind active
This can be achieved through the use of flashcards or playing mind games such as chess or scrabble daily. Mind stimulating games help to keep our mind active and encourage the constant creation of links between our neurons which helps enhance our memory power.
Repetition is crucial to memory power. You cannot expect to attain photographic memory just by doing any of these steps once only. In fact, they have to be done on a daily basis and made into a lifestyle; only then can one be on his way to having the photographic memory he always wanted.

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