Causes of Short Term Memory Loss

Memory can be classified into short term or long term memory, however can the same be done for memory loss? Short term memory loss as well as long term memory loss in the end both result from similar causes as both have to do with a decline in our memory power. In this article, we would look into some of the causes of short term memory loss, or rather, what are some causes for memory loss.


Excessive drinking of alcohol can cause one to have irreparable damage done to their nerves as it has been proven that alcohol can destroy nerve tissue. Without these nerve tissues, our brain would have reduced mental capacity as it required these nerves to create the neuron connections that are extremely essential for the preservation of our memory. As such, it is of utmost importance that we keep our alcohol in check to protect our minds from unnecessary damage.
Medical Conditions


Dementia can come in the form of chronic or reversible dementia where chronic dementia is the more terrible kind of dementia. In both scenarios, dementia will cause a person’s mental functioning ability to degrade severely and cause a person to lose skills to even do simple tasks such as talking normally. Dementia also cause behavioral changes in a person, that makes them more aggressive than before or can make them extremely paranoid or terrified. Unfortunately, dementia can only be identified through blood tests and have no cure, but when treated properly, it can be kept in check at a not so worrisome condition.


Not quite the same as memory loss, amnesia is often associated with total loss of memory, which often happens when we age. Going old causes us to loss much of our memory prowess and when illnesses and diseases set in; it would have a more long lasting effect as compared to short term memory loss. In milder cases, people who suffer amnesia would forget something for now, but remember it at a later time, be it hours or days but in severe cases, they totally forget about things altogether. Also severe cases of amnesia have been known to totally erase personalities and identities of a person with them not even knowing it.

Side-Effect of Drugs

Use of certain drugs also has adverse effects on our memory. Especially the use of Statin drugs, which are widely used today to control our cholesterol level, can cause retrograde memory loss.
Memory loss either short or long term have their serious implications as memories are something that we can never find again when they are lost. Memories are like words spoken, kept and hidden, or given and lost forever.

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