Vitamins to improve Memory

Vitamins have always been known to benefit mankind in one way or another and even so in the area of brain functioning and memory. Vitamins boost our immune system to prevent us from becoming sick and they also protect certain organs. However, out of all the vitamins we know, those from the B complex haven been proven to be more effective in helping our memory improve. Specifically folate, and vitamins B12 and B6 have been shown to be very effective in helping bring out the best of our mental ability.

However, while B vitamins have shown to bring improvement to memory, they do not help us in the improvement of our moods. Also, studies show that emotional and volitional processes of a person would have a change over time, if a folate treatment is being used, vitamin B12 and B6 would be followed up with it. In addition, people who are prescribed with vitamins have seen a significant improvement in their information processing.

Memory loss can come through many ways and one of them is stress. Complex B vitamins which can reduce stress and protect our nerves can thus help improve our memory. It is scientifically known that a lack of B6 vitamins in a person is related to nerve damage and while supplementing on B6 vitamins, these people express reduced depression which is another main cause of memory loss. The reason for this happening is because the B vitamin regulates our GABA and serotonin neurotransmitters that are closely related to levels of stress. In certain cases, vitamin B can also help in the prevention of diseases of the heart that can lead to stroke, another cause of memory loss.

Evidence that B vitamins can improve our memory is the effect of cobalamin. This vitamin causes anemia or nervous system problems when our body has a lack of it. Even though it may not be able to help us cure dementia, it has caused many patients to improve significantly. Thus, as we know it, many other memory disorders some also associated with dementia can be very much improved by using B vitamins to bolster our immune system.

Another proof that the B vitamins improve memory is the effect of cobalamin. This vitamin, also known as B12 may cause anemia or nervous system problems, when in deficit. Although it is not able to cure dementia, it seems to improve significantly the condition of the patients. As it is known, memory loss, as well as other memory disorders, is associated to dementia. B vitamins improve memory by stopping dementia from developing.

Besides vitamins, there are also many other ways whereby a person can improve their memory. Memory games or brain stimulating games can help improve our memory very much. However, the important thing to note is to not leave our memory or mind to fend for itself when memory disorders start to occur in our lives, but we should take actions against it.

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